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Первое профильное агентство недвижимости

Курортные поселки на Маврикии – тренд инвестиций:

– полные права собственности и вид на жительство;

– отсутствие налогов;

– государственные гарантии;

– свободные права наследования;

– поэтапная оплата;

– гарантированный доход от сдачи в аренду.

Villas Valriche – легендарные виллы на океане с полем для гольфа мирового уровня

– Top-10 Best Luxury Developments in the World.

– Best Safe Home Awards.                      

– Best Golf Development.                                                                            

Стоимость от 659 000 USD                


La Balise Marina – резиденции в яхт-клубе с собственным причалом.

– Лучший пятизвездочный проект by International Property Awards.

Стоимость от 700 000 USD  


Saint Mauritius первый и эксклюзивный представитель в Российской Федерации крупнейших застройщиков острова, прошедших государственный отбор  

Russia - Mauritius Investment & Real Estate Promotion Agency

An investment boutique established and based in Moscow in form of the liability limited company acting as an institute for development

Core competences

Promotion of tourism, hospitality and property development, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, seafood and aquaculture, manufacturing and engineering, agro-industries, renewable energies and environment, logistics and distribution services.

Key Tasks and Activities

Participating in development and implementation of Russian Federation and Republic of Mauritius trade, investment and foreign policies. Preparing strategic documents representing interests of Russian business community in Mauritian international affairs and vice versa

Facilitation of the effective cooperation of the trade-economic, credit-financial, scientific-technological, oil-chemical, power engineering, transport, telecommunications, seafood, medical, agricultural and other spheres;

Developing of road maps, plans and programmes, measures for control and activity, KPI etc.  for trade and investments, industrial cooperation, social, culture and other activities

Establishment and development of business relations within Russian-Mauritian business community through cooperation between Russian and Mauritian organizations. Increasing trade cooperation, both export-import activities on bilateral basis. Consulting, providing legal and methodological support.  

Creating strong alliances within the investment community. Fundraising assistance in field of direct and portfolio investments, venture capital, private equity, corporate advisory and consultancy services, investments via stock exchange.

Positioning of Mauritian business community on the Russian market. Providing information exchange and liaising investors’ relations. Increasing transparency and creating and informational platform. Marketing and building up effective communication channels on business climates, fiscal and legal regimes and bilateral opportunities. Fulfilment of analytical procedures, monitoring, gathering information, summarizing best practices

Providing investment opportunities for Russian and Mauritian companies, institutions, unions, associations, other bodies

Bilateral consulting and various services providing to counterparts conducting business in Russia or Republic of Mauritius. Identifying key sectors of interest for Russian-Mauritian bilateral cooperation.

Arranging business events and affairs, road shows, participation in exhibitions, round tables and conferences, seminars, workshops and other events representing bilateral key areas’ interests. Meet delegations, provide accommodation and travel services for representatives of the both countries.

Studying and summarizing proposals and incoming materials, preparation of drafts and agendas, supervising the implementation of the decisions and resolutions from the Supreme bodies; 

Подробности по запросу или при личной встрече.